“Timmy is very gifted... a little cocky, but gifted,” PAC Fitness trainer Perry Coolbaugh jokes about his student Timothy Cavanaugh. “I’m just kidding. He’s about as humble as they come.” 
Now a freshman at Holy Redeemer, Timmy began training with Perry as a 110lb 7th grader who wanted to build strength for baseball and basketball. “It’s hard work, but it’s fun. I enjoy it.” he says almost two years later. Timmy uses the phrase “tough love” to explain the dynamic between Perry and himself. Perry calls it his “hate me now, love me later” philosophy. The playful but focused relationship between Perry and Timmy must be working, because Timmy has recruited a good portion of his baseball team to join him for Spring Training with Perry. 
Perry can’t say enough about Timmy’s progress. “He’s ready more than ever before,” he says, referring to baseball season, “you could 
just see it.” Working closely with Timmy, as with each of his students, Perry has a sense of Timmy’s growing potential.  He knows that each person is at a different level. “I ask a lot, but I never ask for more than they can handle,” he says. Perry pushes each student a little harder every day, and the payoff is evident. Since starting with Perry, Timmy is now 152lb and has greatly improved his physical abilities. He’s a leader on the field and the court- he says he feels faster, stronger, and much more agile. 
But it’s not just physical strength he’s building, “It’s every bit about mental strength as it is physical”, Perry says. Timmy is not only a stronger individual, but he’s more confident, has a greater ability to focus, and is now harnessing his full potential, which is constantly rising to a higher level.
All Timmy’s hard work has certainly paid off in this baseball season. He achieved the coaches award, as well as ranking highest on his time in batting average, home-runs, doubles, and RBI’s (Runs Batted In).
Keep up the good work, Timmy!