PAC Fitness Prodigy Reaches Peak
Victoria Blazick has always been a runner. A good runner, in fact. She was eating healthy and hitting the gym 5 times a week for intense cardio. Although she was in great shape, her sister, Virginia, encouraged her to take her fitness a step further. Thus began Victoria’s journey at PAC Fitness with trainer Perry Coolbaugh. It was then that Victoria realized how much unused potential she had.
Victoria now works out seven days a week, between PAC and her cardio gym workouts- all on top of working as a full-time teacher at Wyoming Area. When asked if it was hard to make time for such an intense workout schedule, Victoria simply stated that fitness is her number-one priority. No commitment issues here.
Her fitness training began a year and a half ago, and since then, her progress has been remarkable. She describes her training as a love/hate relationship with Perry. Upon hearing this response, Perry totally agrees, explaining his “hate me now, love me later” philosophy with a laugh.
Perry pushes each of his trainees to their highest potential- in every aspect. “It’s not just about the physical, it’s also about mental endurance,” Perry says. The gym is set up with a variety of obstacle courses like monkey bars, battling ropes, and tiring jumps that build strength, endurance, and dedication. 
As a fitness trainer, Perry encourages smart eating along with consistent exercise. Since Victoria began, she has really become much more aware of what she puts into her body, and makes a point not to eat past 6pm (this is great for metabolism- look it up). 
Victoria, a once 10-minute mile runner, has shed three minutes off her mile time, and dropped 30 pounds since training with the pack. This past April, Victoria and her sister Virginia both ran in the Inaugural Scranton Half Marathon. Victoria had an official time of 1:39:04- that’s a pace of 7:34 per mile. Such an amazing time placed her in the top 200 out of 2,800 total runners. Not far behind, Virginia finished the race with an official time of 1:48:44 in the top 500. Both girls beat their previous times!
PAC Congratulations, Victoria & Virginia!