Greatly improve your fitness and resistance to injury by stretching twice a day.

A flexible body is a prepared one.

The muscles around joints need to be kept loose and nimble for normal blood flow and healthy production of synovial fluid, the body’s natural lubricant between joints. 

Many have found that thorough stretching helps in pain relief cramped muscles lead to tension on the joints and pulls them out of line.

Flexibility also helps you to bounce back from injury faster. If blood is flowing efficiently and muscles are already healthy, getting back to that state will be easier after getting hurt.

You are also less likely to be injured in the first place.

Flexibility means faster reflexes.

If you are exercising in any capacity, it’s vital that you are stretching as well.

Unstretched muscles strain and pull because they are tight and cold. 

If you want to get the most out of weightlifting, running, swimming or cycling, stretch thoroughly before and after each session. This will also help with soreness later because increased blood flow helps muscles heal much faster.

Stretching daily, whether as part of a workout regimen or just day-to-day living, helps you to the best shape of your life.