Perry Coolbaugh and his grandson, Chris, hang out at Yankees Stadium

Perry Coolbaugh and his grandson, Chris, hanging out at Yankees Stadium

In January of this year, Perry Coolbaugh decided to open PAC Fitness at 56 Elizabeth Street, in Forty Fort. Along with personal training and running circuit training classes, Coolbaugh works in the printing industry and at Maximum Impact as a strength and conditioning baseball coach. He has been in the fitness industry for 25 years – inspired by his four-year-old son who participated in wrestling and was able to perform 500 push-ups.

PAC Fitness follows the belief of training as a pack of wolves. Wolves are dedicated team players and great communicators. They are durable, adaptable, and capable of survival in the harshest of conditions. A mature wolf is the product of a lifelong learning process. Wolves work hard and play hard, while pursuing their goals relentlessly.

PAC Fitness’s mission is to focus on developing and refining sports-specific movements and modalities in all aspects of strength training and conditioning. Coolbaugh’s style of training will increase the athletic potential of each individual student-athlete. PAC Fitness members consist of a variety of clientele ranging from students involved in baseball and wrestling and women and men just trying to improve their quality of life.

Circuit training classes are offered seven days a week and consist of eight moving stations, performed for 30 seconds to one minute, to increase cardio and strength and work core muscles. The stations include battling ropes, monkey bars, pull-ups, band work, step-up, and pull-ups.

Morning and evening classes are offered at PAC Fitness. Coolbaugh’s vision is to offer an intense workout while keeping prices affordable. More information is available by calling (570) 574-9539.

-Published in The Independent NEPA Magazine, July, 2012